July 19, 2024


I just moved my webhosting, so please pardon the dust during the transition period. Thank you for your patience.

I got my domain and web space to share my interest in digital photography. I eventually got another domain devoted to my photo gallery. Of course, I didn't just limit the use of my website to sharing photographs. I have learned a lot about web design and coding. I eventually got invited to join the Coppermine Photo Gallery dev team.

I have revived my blog this year. I started a blog back in early 2004. But I got bored. I think the format wasn't conducive to blogging. See, I like to use one thing for multiple purposes. So I used my forum to blog by adding a section for my blog posts. It's a cumbersome process and doesn't read as easily as a true blog. This year, I installed Wordpress for my blog and I'm still going at it. I might go through dry spells, but at least I haven't lost interest as quickly as I did when I started two years ago. I've also made modifications to the code so I'm more vested in this blog.

If you are in Southern California, and need a manicurist, please check out Nails by Lily. She's my mom.

Have a good weekend.