How to Be Thin
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The easiest way to be thin is to have thin genes. However, I have compiled some of my techniques and tips to help people who aren't blessed with thin genes. Please note that I say "how to be thin", NOT "how to lose weight". It is a subtle difference in thinking, but it makes a difference in how you live your life and feel towards your body.

I also know what it is like to be overweight, so don't dismiss me as a skinny person who doesn't know what it's like "to be on the other side." When I was in high school, I was unhappy with being too skinny, so I ate and ate and ate really fatty food so that I could have a more curvaceous figure. Before I realized it, I had gained too much weight, and had to lose it. But I didn't really diet. I just lived a healthy lifestyle that avoided overeating. I understand some people do not overeat and still can't lose weight. Maybe they're not addressing other issues in their lives that could affect their bodies' metabolism.

Thu Tu


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